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Cherrybrook Rods

Welcome to Cherrybrook Rods. The Cherrybrook is one of the small tributaries of the West Dart on Dartmoor and along with the other streams and rivers of this area is one of my favourite places to fish. Dartmoor is a wild and often remote place and the rivers and brooks here offer some of the best (and most challenging) fishing for totally wild brown trout that you will find anywhere in the country.

I was first introduced to fly fishing at Blagdon Lake in the late 70’s. Blagdon is considered the birthplace of stillwater trout fly fishing and even today stirs the emotions of people around the world as one of the most perfect places to fish for trout.

But these days I like to fish mainly on wild and remote rivers and streams and it is here that a rod made from split cane really comes into its own. It has a smoothness and delicacy that you just don’t get with a carbon fibre rod.

The first time I used a Split Cane rod it was a revelation. It was an old rod made by Lance Nicholson, light and easy to use, and as well as being a thing of beauty, casted perfectly and presented an dry fly with such precision and accuracy – I wanted one !

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